Thank you, Soccer.

Man. This sport has provided me with so much. Decisions, friends, career, work ethic, all because of my love for soccer. I wish I knew the exact amount of hours that I’ve dedicated to this game. A lot. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this game has provided me a lot of opportunity and is the reason that I first picked up a weight.
In high school, the only time I had to lift weights was before school, since soccer consumed the majority of my time. 5:30am every morning of my Junior and Senior years of high school, I was lifting weights at the local YMCA. I was so driven to be the best. Did that happen? Not even freaking close. If a leg day fell on the same day as a game, guess what? I was hitting legs that morning, and playing a 90 minute game that night. Pretty dumb, I know. I didn’t care. I was, and still am, a very head strong individual. I get my mind set on something and can’t stop until it’s done. Doing legs the morning of games was silly, but I wanted to separate myself from others. Pretty soon working out became fun to me. A stress reliever, if you will. Freshman year of college I was very frustrated and disappointed in my individual performance all season. Most home games, I would go straight from the game to the gym to workout at like 11pm. Very dumb, I know. Once again, I didn’t care. I was no longer killing myself in the gym to aid my soccer ability. I was doing it because I had fallen in love with working out, and wanted to do so.
Something that I had once used to supplement my soccer ability took the place of the game I had always loved. I became passionate about health & exercise and pushed soccer to the back burner. Eventually, It seemed that I lost my appreciation for the game of soccer as I was burned out and ready to move on. With only 1 year currently left, that teenage fire inside of me is beginning to rekindle and my appreciation for the sport is reviving. Needless to say, I’m excited for my last season of collegiate soccer.

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Patrick Burns

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