Patrick Burns

Patrick Burns

Strength Coach & Personal Trainer

Who Am I?

I’m going to paint a picture for you. I was in the 8th grade – skin and bones,120lbs to be exact. I had two 20lb dumbbells in my room that my dad had given me. I used them sometimes, but not for anything beneficial – a door stop maybe. I played 4 sports but had a particular preference for soccer. My brother, Cassidy Burns, was entering his senior year of high school, and he had decided that he was going to play his first year of football ever. I had never played football; it’s not to say that I didn’t want to, but soccer and football were in the same season, and there was no way I was giving up soccer to try a new sport. Anyway, my brother began attending the high school’s football weight rooms in preparation for his first football season. Next thing I know, I was a skinny little eighth grade “grass fairy” standing among a circle of intimidating high school football players. I didn’t know what I was doing (neither did the football coaches “teaching” us), but danngit, I was there and I was trying.

Squat, Bench, and power clean with minimal accessories 2x per week. I continued these weight rooms into my freshman year of high school – my brother was a senior. So every Tuesday and Thursday, we would wake up at 6:25am and head to the school to lift – It never got easier… I hated it and I hated my brother for making me go and lift weights with a bunch of angry, loud, creatine induced football players.

Then, my brother graduated… and yet, I still found myself at these weight rooms. What the heck was I doing? The only reason I was going to those stupid things was because my brother was on the team and he made me feel obligated to go. He wasn’t even in high school anymore.  I didn’t have to go, so why was I going? I was a sophomore soccer player and I never, ever, missed – I felt an obligation to be there, but I hated every second of it.

The beginning of my junior year of high school rolls around – still lifting with the football team 2x per week. By this point, I wasn’t intimidated anymore because most of the football guys were my friends. I had actually started liking lifting weights… Kind of… 10, 8, 6 day still sucked and 1 rep of squat was still 1 rep too many. Nonetheless, I had started attending the YMCA periodically as supplementation to the football weight rooms. It was kind of fun now. Curls? Yes please. I started going to the YMCA on mornings that I did not have football weight room. Pretty soon, I was lifting at the YMCA 5x per week, and with the football team 2x per week. I had fallen in love with it – but only for 1 reason – I wanted to be a better soccer player. Lifting wasn’t that great, but the advantage it was giving me was amazing! I wanted more of that advantage; I wanted to be stronger, bigger, faster, than every other kid on the field.

Senior year rolls around. I am addicted. Lifting every single morning before school – whether it is the same squat, bench, power clean routine I had been doing 2x per week for close to 4 years, or my own routine at the YMCA. It was strange.   From fourth grade to my sophomore year of high school, I would juggle a soccer ball and watch soccer videos, while listening to techno music in my room every night. Every night. Sorry Mom. My Junior and Senior years of high school, I would watch lifting videos, and do pushups, while drinking a protein shake and checking the mirror after every set to see if I was growing – I wasn’t. Things had changed, I still played soccer obviously – but my commitment to it began to slowly lessen. I loved lifting weights. My love for soccer had begun taking a back seat to my passion for exercise, lifting weights, and helping others get healthy.

That’s how it happened. That’s how I became absolutely obsessed with lifting weights. Exercise. Fitness. Simply being and feeling healthy. It derived from a deep passion and commitment to a sport – and I am so appreciative for that.

My name is Patrick Burns. I am currently 21 years old, a senior at Christopher Newport University – where I played 4 years of College soccer! I am pursuing my Bachelors of Science in Psychology, with minors in Biology and Leadership. As you can tell, I love working out and I especially love helping others find the passion I did through guidance and assistance. I currently work as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and a 1on1 Personal Trainer.

I started Burns Fitness in July 2014. It didn’t start as a small business or even as a way to generate money or popularity. It simply started with an

Instagram page. As much as a I loved working out, I knew the 500 people who followed me on my personal Instagram probably didn’t, and they definitely didn’t want to see me post tons of pictures at the gym. So, I thought, I’m just going to make a fitness page to post stuff periodically for my own enjoyment. The name is pretty creative, huh? Burns Fitness. Took me a while to think of that one…

Nevertheless, this entire endeavor has opened up many opportunitie
s for me and I will forever be thankful for Burns Fitness, and anyone who has every supported the business, or myself in anyway.

Thank you for taking time to learn about me, and I appreciate you visiting the site. I would love to help you fall in love with the healthy lifestyle, as I did several years ago.

Sometimes it just takes a little encouragement.

I will end this bio with this: Do things that make you feel uncomfortable, as I did many years ago by attending an intimidating football weight room as a skinny little “grass fairy”. Being uncomfortable forces you to adapt, grow, and change.

How Can I Help You?

  • Lose Weight
  • Build Muscle
  • Gain Strength
  • Become A Better Athlete
  • Move Better


  • 4 Year Collegiate Student Athlete
    • 3x All-Conference
    • 2x All-State
    • 1x Bennett-Rank All-American
  • Four VHSL Soccer Records for goals
  • Mi40 Ambassador – Ben Pakulski’s intelligent muscle building approach and brand
  • Athletic Greens Brand Representative
  • Qualified for OCB Men’s Physique Nationals -2015
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